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Here are most of the questions answered that you may have. If you have different questions just email me at kenner.costen@itofnv.com or call (702) 985-6323.

Replacement Cards:

If you are looking to get a replacement OSHA card per the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) , they will not issue a replacment card after 3 years from the issue date, this means if you need a replacment and its been 3 or more years you have to get a new card via a new class.  There is nothing I can do about this if your card is over 3 years of age.

If your card is under 3 years, there is a $50 fee for replacements.  It takes up to 90 days to get it from my OTI.

Nevada Expiration Explained:

Your OSHA Card 10 and 30 are issuded by the OTI and have no expiration (KEEP READING)

However in Nevada, per NRS 618.983

The State of Nevada requires a continuing education class be completed prior to the 5 year anniversary of your card. This does not give you an new OSHA card it gives you a Continuing Education Card to add to it. If you do not complete the class prior to the anniversary date at 5 years your card is not elligible in Nevada for a continuing education card and your card will not be recognized in the State of Nevada as being valid. Though it is valid in other states that do not require continuing education.

To qualify for continuing education (aka Renewal) your card must be fully legible, you must have matching identification that matches the name on the card and your card can not be older than 5 years.

Class Length is 1/2 the face value of your OSHA Card, 5 hours for a 10 and 15 hours for a 30.


I am available to consult on you Occupational Safety needs, Risk Management and much more. Rates vary depending on location, time and frequency.

I am an OSHA Authorized Instructor for Construcion and General Industry and an MSHA Authorized Instructor for Surface / Non-Metal Mines. I can also teach CPR, Pediatric, Child and Adult.

OSHA 10 Full Construction or General Induistry is 2 days 8am to 2pm ( 3 person Minimum, 44 Maximum )

OSHA 30 Full Construction or General Induistry is 4 days 8am to 5pm ( 3 person Minimum, 44 Maximum )

OSHA 10 Construction Renewal is 6 hours during 1 day

OSHA 30 Construction Renewal is 2 8 hour class days

MSHA New Miner is 24 hours of class, times variable 2 and 3 day classes available. 2 week advanced notice usually needed to notify MSHA.

CPR is 6 hours.

Other classes such as Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, Hazcom, Ladders and many more also available. These training classes have an average class time of 2 to 4hours, with 1 hour of time for setup/tear down. Prices vary for head count, location and time of class. Please contact me for rates.

So you want to hire me as an employee, not a consultant? I welcome speaking to you about what you have in mind.

Kenner Costen
(702) 985-6323

Summer Time

Be sure you hydrate, summer heat can kill!

CDC suggest 1 cup min every 20 minutes.

If you are directly in the heat and working, 1 ounce per body weight lb consumed through out waking hours. So a 250lb man would need 250 ounces of water if he was in direct heat, consumed from wake up till bed.

A great way to know if you are hydrated, if you do not have to urinate every 2 hours, you are not drinking enough in the heat.